2019-2020 Mentorship Program

The program provides participants with professional development instruction and skills to expand their knowledge on how the art industry operates. The sessions focus on the development of practice, ideas and implementation, concerning diverse aspects of career building in the arts. Opportunities for networking will be ongoing and encouraged throughout the planned activities.

At the end of the Mentorship Program the mentees produced an exhibition at Sur Gallery.

Making Spaces

The exhibition creates different spaces to reflect on issues of identity, migration and thinking of one’s home. Through moments of action and contemplation, the work includes personal stories of migration, looking at the lingering effects of colonial history in theAmericas.

The visitors will be able to make their own fabric prints, focusing on themes of identity, colonialism and privilege. The exhibition will also feature textile and architectural installations for visitors to interact with, allowing them to discover how we feel about specific landscapes and periods of history. Video and photography exhibits will also provide imagery of places and ecology that will help explore a sense of home.

In this exhibition, portraiture will act as a channel to examine identity through familial lineage, as well as the absence of people of colour in the tradition of this painting genre. 

Making Spaces is about creating safe spaces of self-reflection as a way to cope with dislocation, and the ongoing task to find, make and carry home within us, as part of a LatinAmerican diaspora.

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