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Featured Image: detail of Venados, 2016,  by Dinorah Catzalco


Complimentary colours work together within a painting. Colours fuse, adopt, blend, and join. Colours cast harmonious compositions, they help each other shine, and they facilitate a multiplicity that expands or captures our understanding of the world. Colours have been a place of solace, contemplation, healing, and comfort. Colours provide an outlet and space to adjust to the instability of our contemporary lives. Those same collaborative networks of solidarity form between women who choose the strength of colour to defy erasure.  

The artists Dinorah Catzalco, soJin Chun, Lido Pimienta, and Yelaine Rodriguez resist hierarchal systems of power and reverse the black and white dichotomies that permeate in today’s polarized and violent societies, indicative of a capitalism in crisis. They stand up to class and racial divisions by choosing the weapon of colour as a medium to construct new systems of care, alternative perspectives of kinship, different forms of labour distribution, and foster a place for colour to assume its ability to heal rather than to divide. 

Labelled as “women of colour” these artists find within its power a site to overcome pain and claim a space for fulfillment as they propose sites of contestation. Through the potential of colour they heal wounds inflicted by neocolonialism, neoliberal economies, and patriarchal structures. The artists reflect on the future by learning from a past, and navigate decolonizing methods to move forward, using the multiplicity and power of colour to offer a place of comfort and relief in times of polarization and division.

Curated by Tamara Toledo


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Curator Tour with Tamara Toledo:

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Online Artist Talk with soJin Chun and Yelaine Rodriguez:

Thursday, June 9th, 6pm EST via zoom 

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About the Artists

Dinorah Catzalco

soJin Chun

Lido Pimienta

Yelaine Rodriguez

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Tamara Toledo

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Curator Tour with Tamara Toledo

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May 12.2022

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Artist Talk with soJin Chun and Yelaine Rodriguez

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June 9. 2022

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