October 14, 2021

Join us at our next Online Portfolio Review. It will be a privilege to engage with the work of Edmonton-based artist Monica Mercedes Martinez and Toronto-based artist David Constantino Salazar as they share their process and receive feedback.

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

6pm ET on Zoom

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David Constantino Salazar is a Toronto-based sculptor with a Master in Fine Arts degree from OCAD University. His research focuses on the double intended messages in traditional fable stories. The allegories in his work invite the viewer to reflect on the human experience through traditional animal-based narrative. Salazar’s studio practice is highly focused on the tradition of hand modeling clay and the fabrication process of casting in bronze, resin, or ceramic.

An Ecuadorian-Canadian artist, Salazar examines the confluence of his symbolic and ancestral roots as a South American and his daily life in Canada. A recipient of multiple residencies internationally and domestically, Salazar has represented Canada at the International Biennial of Asuncion (Paraguay) and completed the Studio Research Residency (Flora & Fauna) in Tiradentes, Brazil. In Canada, he was awarded the AKIN Studio Residence Program at MOCA Toronto and has been invited to the Creative Professionals-in-Residence Mentor Program at OCAD University, Salazar recently exhibited, Forever (Bird-Botanicals) at the Gardiner Museum as the artist-in-Residence.

His public commissions include Carnival, Rio de Janeiro (2012) and the Spadina Museum, Nuit Blanche, Toronto (2015). In 2015, he was commissioned by First Capital Realty Inc. for two permanent public art sculptures in Georgetown, Ontario. Salazar is currently working on Hogtown, a public art commission to be installed in Toronto’s west end neighborhood Parkdale.

Monica Mercedes Martínez  

Monica Mercedes Martinez is a Canadian process based/performative ceramic artist. As a Chilean who grew up on the Canadian Prairies, she uses her practice to discuss the historical foundations that influence how we define who we are and where we belong. Martinez holds aBFA from AuArts (formally known as the Alberta College of Art+ Design) and an MFA from the University of Manitoba. Martinez has participated in both national and international exhibitions and as well as numerous artist residencies. Martinez is part of the group Mujer Artista and was a member of the art collective CONSTELACIONES. 

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