February 25, 2021

Tamara Toledo, Curator and Director of Sur Gallery and Claudia Arana, independent Curator and Sur Gallery Operations Manager, reviewed the work of artists Diego Narvaez and Mirna Chacín.


Mirna Chacín is a Venezuelan-born Canadian visual artist who immigrated in 2011, looking for the inclusion and equality that Canada gives the LGBTQ2+community. Mirna's artwork reflects her experiences around death, loss and grief, uprooting, belonging, history, and traditions. Her latest project Souls on Hold, a multimedia installation that involves photography, mapping projection, sound and augmented reality features to showcase the portraits of those who died during the COVID19 pandemic while celebrating their lives. Inspired by Jorge Manrique's Hispanic Renaissance stanzas, this project revisits metaphors of life, memory and resilience.

Diego Narvaez was born in Mexico City and moved to Sooke, BC, Canada in 2019. His work focuses on landscape painting while creating visual metaphors of how we, as a society, construct reality through sight and how this affects our relationship with the environment. Like a Flaneur, Diego likes getting lost in non-places in the city. It is here where he realized that memory and oblivion are central in the construction of reality.

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