Sur Gallery PROFILES

Sur Gallery PROFILES is an initiative that developed in response to the lack of online archival information about individual artists of the Latin American diaspora in Canada. These portrait videos do not intend to represent all notable artists in Canada. In fact, there is a wide range of artistic practices throughout Canada that we would have wanted to include. However, we were able to create fifteen 5-minute portrait videos of artists from Montreal, Toronto, Kingston, and Vancouver all of whom cover avast range of themes, mediums, aesthetics, and approaches to art making.

Produced by Tamara Toledo (Director/Curator) and filmed by Peter Riddihough of Hoffworks Productions, the episodes intend to reach a wide audience interested in the multifaceted production of art in Canada. Each episode will be launched every two weeks and will become a source for research and dissemination.

Sur Gallery PROFILES is a project funded by the Canada Council for the Arts through its Digital Now program.

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