The symposium seeks to address the systemic barriers faced by the Latin American and Latinx community in Canada and will identify common grounds from where to begin an analysis with the intention to develop strategies of resistance, build networks of solidarity and exchange, improve the livelihood of art practitioners, and grant opportunities for an underrepresented community. 

The symposium will be a 4-day gathering of a range of voices concerned with Latin American and Latinx art in Canada. Our intention is to build community, valuable contacts, and long-lasting networks. During the symposium we will offer opportunities to engage with artists and scholars during various events, expand perspectives, and develop frameworks for the study ofLatin American and Latinx art in Canada.

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Day 1: The Power of Advocacy and Collectivity

Day 2: Questioning Notions of Mestizaje

Day 3: Intersectional Queer and Feminist Identities

Day 4: Decolonizing Practices



April 21


April 22


April 23


April 25

Spatial Ecologies: Artistic responses to the pandemic across the Americas

Key Note Address and Latin American Speaker Series:  Kency Cornejo

Closing Address and Latin American Speaker Series: 
Nelson Maldonado Torres

About the Chairs

Salvador Alanis

Nuria Carton de Grammont 

Diogo Rodrigues de Barros

Tamara Toledo

Thank you to our sponsors and community partners:

The Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, The  Government of Canada, Toronto Arts Council, and The City of Toronto through section 37, Hemispheric Encounters, Performance Studies Canada, York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre, The Power Plant, Institute for Creative Exchange, Department of Visual Arts Western University, SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Vtape, Mujer Artista, and York University’s Graduate Student Association. 

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