March 18, 2021

Curator Mariana Muñoz Gomez reviewed the work of artists deniree isabel and Michelle Peraza.

Mariana Muñoz Gomez is an artist, writer, and curator. She is a Latinx settler of colour born in Mexico and based on Treaty 1 Territory in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their work is concerned with language, representation, diaspora, displacement and identity within post- and settler colonial contexts. Mariana’s recent graduate research focused on the potentiality of art and language in challenging colonial hegemonies and (re)envisioning temporality, relation, and place. Mariana works with a number of collectives including Carnation Zine and window Winnipeg, and holds a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies: Curatorial Practices from the University of Winnipeg.

MichellePeraza is an Ontario based emerging artist of Cuba and Costa Rican descent. As a second-generation female Latin American Canadian painter, she explores the Latinx identity though large-scale portraits of individuals close to her, people often unseen in the history of the painted portrait due to their ethnicity. Michelle focuses on the male sitter as a catalyst to stimulate conversations, concepts, perceptions, and realities of the patriarch. Her use of portraiture allows her to render it a site for addressing issues of race, culture, tradition, value systems, migration and familial hierarchy. These themes have led her to take interest in ways of integrating her own relationship with her husband and his family, Indian immigrants and/or nationals. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Painting as well as a degree in Classical Studies and World Religions from WesternUniversity. Her education in antiquity continues to influence her classical aesthetic and highly realistic interpretation to the human face. In 2019Michelle received the Ontario Arts Council: Exhibition Assistance Grant for her solo show, Patria Potestas, at Northbound Gallery. Currently,Michelle is pushing the boundaries of portraiture, exploring the use of colour and breaking form in her paintings on an unconventional substrate, aluminum sheeting.

denirée isabel is a Venezuelan born, Canadian based artist. Being an immigrant and living as a part of the Venezuelan Diaspora has largely influenced her work. It has informed the manner in which she operates and experiences living in an affluent Western society. As a result, she examines and criticizes the relationship of being nide aqui ni de alla (not of here nor there). As an artist, her material focus is exploring textiles through a spatial, interactive and interdisciplinary lens. Her conceptual practice revolves around the study and reflection of identity, culture, and womanhood, aiming to create spacep hysically and emotionally for vulnerability and healing on the intra and interpersonal.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles with a minor in Art History from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She also graduated from Sheridan College in 2014 with an advanced diploma in Textiles. After graduating from NSCAD, she was accepted into the university's community arts residency in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where she spent a year living and working in the community. In 2017, denirée was accepted as an artist in residence at Harbourfront Centre and has since been in the program. In 2018, she was arecipient of an Ontario Arts Council grant. She exhibits regularly in Torontoand Halifax.

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