What defines or  makes a space?  With  no fixed answer to this question, the exhibition Making Spaces navigates concepts of space, place and site through personal-collective experiences, in order to reflect on how we make spaces and the narratives that emerge. The exhibition features textile, mixed media and architectural installations by emerging artists Ana Luisa Bernárdez Notz, denirée isabel, Michelle Peraza, Camila Salcedo and Aline Setton. The imagery used by these artist’s references specific landscapes and histories, while exploring a sense of home and belonging. Offering moments of action and contemplation, the works include personal stories of migration, revealing the effects of colonial histories in the Americas. Within the exhibition, portraiture acts as a channel to examine identity through familial lineage, while the usage of facial photo filters broadens the notion by linking them to “identification” preferences.

Making Spaces in its virtual platform and its on-site version at Sur Gallery is about creating safe spaces of self-reflection as we cope with dislocation, isolation and the ongoing task to find, make and carry home within us, a burden many of us bear within diasporas.

Curated by Karina Roman Justo.

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Funded by Canadian Heritage through itsCommunity Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives ProgramProjects component.


This exhibition is the culmination of a 10-month Mentorship Program for emerging Latin American artists at Sur Gallery in order to support and build strong careers in the arts. Participants were able to focus on the development of their practices through a series of workshops, on-site visits and networking opportunities.


Online Opening

Thursday, October 1, 7PM on Zoom. 

Exhibition Tour with Alexia Breard-Anderson, Director Xpace Cultural Centre

Thursday, October 22, 7PM on Zoom. 

Curator Tour with Karina Roman Justo

Tuesday, November 17, 7pm at Sur Gallery.

Artist Panel Discussion
Thursday, November 26, 7PM on Zoom. 


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