ARCHIVO is an archival digital platform that allows for accessibility, searchability, and discoverability of the Latin American diaspora of visual artists in Canada. It is a digital archive of Latin American artists, Indigenous artists from the Latin American region, Latin-Caribbean artists, and those who identify as Latinx artists. ARCHIVO intends to digitally save, connect, and reflect on the vital work this diaspora has provided and contributed to and for Canada’s collective memory. We hope this initiative will situate this diaspora into Canadian art history.  

Sur Gallery opened its doors in 2015, disseminating and articulating discourses about Latin American and Latinx contemporary artistic practices. In an effort to expand its mandate, Sur Gallery began the archival project in October, 2022. ARCHIVO consists of researching, designing, and archiving, and is led by Researcher/Archivist Luz Sierra and Director/Curator Tamara Toledo.

This digital repository is dedicated to all the artists who with persistence and creativity continue to share their visions and work despite systemic erasure.

This is an ongoing project and we will continue to accept submissions to expand ARCHIVO. Please send us your profile or an update of your artistic practice to archives@surgallery.ca

Sur Gallery agrees that ARCHIVO compilation of data reason is for nonprofit educational purposes.

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