Camila Salcedo

Choose your Mask, 2020

Instagram filter

Download filter here

This designed Instagram filter allows the user to tap through various masks. From the surgical mask and face shield popularized during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to various mask forms used in protests across the Americas, the user will be able to sort through them and choose one to take a picture with, if desired. What does a mask cover, protect or reveal? With this work, Salcedo inserts the human face into a dual dynamic between the individual anonymity provided by the mask and the collective identity provided by the type of mask selected. Voicing diverse protest messages, the mask as a socio-political identity signifier, becomes a wearable site for disruption in the public realm. With the filter format, Salcedo extends the protest to cyberspace turning the most playful feature of Instagram into a tool of political action. 

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