Luisé Cisneros 

Birthdate: N/A

Birthplace: Mexico 

Based location: Toronto and Bellville, Ontario, Canada 

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Luisé Cisneros (Mexico) 

Luisé Cisneros (ze/hir) is a non-binary Mexican-Canadian visual artist based in Toronto and in Belleville, Ontario. Luisé holds a bachelor of art in graphic communication design with merit awards (2001) from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad de Xochimilco in Mexico City, Mexico. In 2019, ze enrolled to study the sculpture and installation program at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Since ze moved to Canada in 2005, ze has been involved with the Torontonian LGBTQIA2+ art community through volunteering in the organization Supporting Our Youth (SOY) and the Triangle Program. Luisé has been the recipient of multiple awards including the 2018 and 2017 Jurors’ Choice Awards at the Pride London Festival Art Show in London, Ontario, and ze was part of the 10-winner selection of the Latin American Illustration Contest (2015). 

Luisé's studio work is focused on sculpture, painting, and film to reflect on personal experiences, memory, and tradition as a non-binary Mexican-Canadian immigrant. Ze has been part of film screenings with the short film Tú and Ako Ikaw and Yo in collaboration with Samantha Buso as part of OCAD Narratives Through Global Space 2021 in collaboration with the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, and was also part of collective exhibitions including Gay Gardens (2020) at John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto and Face to Face Postcard Exhibition (2019) at OCAD University in Toronto.

Awakening (sculpture detail)


Sculpture, acrylic, aluminum sheets and wire on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

Solo exhibitions

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Collective exhibitions

Luisé Cisneros short film collaboration with Samantha Buso Tú and Ako Ikaw and Yo, 2021 

Luisé Cisneros collective exhibition catalogue Gay Gardens, 2020 


Luisé Cisneros interview by the AGO Inner Space Youth program, 2023 


Luisé Cisneros Positionality: Symposium, panel Questioning Notions of Mestizaje, Sur Gallery, Toronto, 2022

Published work by Luisé Cisneros

Luisé Cisneros blog post for my OCADU community, 2021 

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Luisé Cisneros received OCAD U Live, short film development, 2023

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