M.C. Cruz 

M.C. Cruz is a nomadic visual artist and child of Chilean immigrant parents based in Toronto. They attended Etobicoke School of Arts and majored in Visual Arts before moving to Vancouver to study film and video production at Capilano University. In 2020 they completed an Artist Residency in Morroco and Spain. In 2021 they were the recipient of the Indigenous Screen Office Solidarity Fund to research and write a screenplay. They have facilitated filmmaking workshops for marginalized communities as part of Fright Film Academy and Fright Film School in Toronto.  

Their studio works are in multimedia formats including painting, film, animation and digital media. Their work has been part of the collective exhibitions The Social Distancing Festival online (2021), by the Social Distancing Community based in Canada and the United States, Being Scene (2020), at the Toronto Media Arts Centre Toronto, Toronto, (Un)usual Spaces, an online collective exhibition by Hercinia Arts Collective. In addition, the series of painting Refugee from Home has been showcased at the Art Side Out Festival (2019) at the University of Toronto in Scarborough and at the Toronto City Hall in 2019.

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Mixed media painting and collage 

Hercinia Arts Collective, google images 2023 

Solo exhibitions

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Collective exhibitions

M.C. Cruz online collective exhibition The Social Distancing Festival, Social Distancing Community Canada and United States, 2021 

M.C. Cruz online party collective exhibition (Un)usual Spaces, curated by Diana Lopez Soto and Natalie Parkinson Dupley, by Hercinia Arts Collective, Toronto, 2020

M.C. Cruz juried collective exhibition list Being Scene, Workman Arts and Toronto Media Arts Centre, Toronto, 2020 

M.C. Cruz programming collective exhibition Art Side Out Festival, University of Toronto at Scarborough, Toronto, 2019


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M.C. Cruz video overview An Unusual Journey into Animation, Arts Unite, 2022 

M.C. Cruz video Spotlight Emerging Artist, ArtworxTO, 2021

M.C. Cruz video overview Being First Generation in Canada Reconnecting Via Art Making, Arts Unite, 2021

M.C. Cruz video Artist Residency in Morocco overview, Sketch Toronto, 2020 

Published work by M.C. Cruz

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Published work about M.C. Cruz

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Press release

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List of Grants, Awards and Projects

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