Ana Maria Millán

Elevación, 2019
4k Color Sound

Courtesy of the Artist 

In Elevación, Ana Maria uses role-playing dynamics to develop an animated narrative in which she interprets and digitally re-enacts different characters, settings and viewpoints inspired by the Colombian comic: “Marquetalia, raíces de la Resistencia”(Marquetalia, the Roots of the Resistance) published in 2011. The comic, whose name comes from the rural birthplace of Colombia’s FARC guerrillas, describes the beginnings of the guerrilla movement and the ongoingColombian armed conflict since the early 1960s. This document becomes a script for role-players to develop their own visions not only in relation to the comic perse but to the constant struggle for power and land ownership, to the violence as a tactical state and resistance discourse from the right, centre and left parties whose ambivalent perspectives have defined the recent history of Colombia.

This collaborative and interdisciplinary exercise between role-players, historic documents and new media components become a vehicle for Ana Maria Millán to explore the notion of utopia. From imagined digital territories and political pop cultures that oftenreinforce the dysfunctional thesis of narrative plots, the constant ambivalenceof politics and how technology perpetuates an intrinsic feeling of a constantand endless state of change is what Millán intends for us to navigate.

Installation view at Sur Gallery. Photo credit Ready2Post.

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Elevación, Animation, 4k Color Sound, 10:12 min. (Excerpt)

Screening  April 6 and May 6.

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