Paula Gonzalez-Ossa (Bomba)

Birthdate: N/A

Birthplace: Talca, Chile 

Based location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

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Paula González-Ossa (Talca, Chile) 

Paula González-Ossa, also known as Bomba, is a Chilean educator and visual artist based in Toronto. She is a mentoring artist at Na-Me-Res Sagatay Native Men’s Residence, and has had 17 years of experience as a community youth worker with youth at risk in Toronto’s west end. Paula’s artistic practice and mural production are constructed through continuous engagement with communities to produce street-level public art. 

Paula González-Ossa’s studio work is through graffiti and mural painting in public spaces. Her work is instructed by research to depict Indigeneity and land history. Her murals have been showcased across Toronto since 2000. She partnered with Na-Me-Res to make the mural Butterfly Effect (2022) at the Centre For Social Innovation in Toronto, the Toronto Transit Commission for the commissioned mural The Spirits of the Ancestral Trees (2019) at St. Clair West subway station for Street Art Toronto, and the untitled mural at the Dupont–Shaw underpass (2018).

Monarch Butterfly mural


Large-scale mural at Centre For Social Innovation, 192 Spadina Ave. Toronto, in collaboration with artist Nyle “Miigizi” Johnston

Image from google images 2023

Solo exhibitions

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Collective exhibitions

Paula González-Ossa blog post, collective mural Nindinawemaaganidok, Allan Gardens, Toronto, 2015 

Paula González-Ossa blog post, collective mural Nindinawemaaganidok, Allan Gardens, Toronto, 2013

Paula González-Ossa website collective mural Nindinawemaaganidok, Allan Gardens, Toronto, 2012  

Paula González-Ossa press release, collective exhibition Rhythms of the Earth, Gallery 1313, Toronto, 2011 


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Paula González-Ossa profile OCAD symposium Global Indigeneity: Decolonization Reconciliation, and Issues of Appropriation, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, 2019 

Published work by Paula González-Ossa

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Published work about Paula González-Ossa

Paula González-Ossa review by Kalina Nedelcheva, 2022

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Paula González-Ossa project overview Monarch Butterfly Effect mural, 2022 

Paula González-Ossa event programming Monarch Butterfly Effect mural celebration, 2022

Paula González-Ossa artist residence Power Youth outreach program, The Power Plant, Toronto, 2017

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