Julieta María (Colombia) 

Julieta María is a Colombian new media artist and curator based in Toronto. Julieta holds a diploma in postgraduate studies in literature from Atlantico University in Colombia and a diploma in computer engineering from Universidad del Norte in Colombia. She completed a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with honours from York University and a master’s degree in fine arts in visual arts from York University, Toronto. Julieta’s work has expanded from filmmaking to also being a teaching assistant in the video production course at York University. She is also the co-founder, director and curator of e-fagia organization for visual media art, which is dedicated to creating, producing, and disseminating contemporary Canadian and Latin American visual media projects.  

Julieta María’s studio work is based on installation, new media, and video making. Her research work is focused on technology use and reception and explores her relationship with the land as an immigrant in Canada. Her films have been showcased in exhibitions in Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Europe including Eyeblink: Fires with Miyung-Sun Kim and Julieta Maria (2018) at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Tierra (2013) at Centro Cultural de Argentina, Argentina, and Estárter3 at the Cellsbutton Media Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In addition to participating in film and art festivals, her short film Soil, Bird (2011) was screened at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in New York, Cut (2010) at the EJECT Video-performance Festival in Mexico, and Findings (2009) at the Alucine Festiva in Toronto.

Bird  (00:1:52) still 



Image from Bird video still image, 7A*11D screening, Google Images 2023

Solo exhibitions

Julieta María solo exhibition Findings, Hemispheric Institute, New York, 2018 

Julieta María solo exhibition Findings, Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2009

Collective exhibitions

Julieta María video screening Eyeblink: Fires, FADO Performance Art Centre, Gardiner Museum, Toronto, 2018

Julieta María video screening collective exhibition Desire lines, curated by Art Spin’s Layne Hinton & Rui Pimenta, Toronto, 2018 

Julieta María screening LIFT Debuts Films from Artist Commission: The Madvo Collection, Toronto, 2018

Julieta María press release collective exhibition Dimensión Desconocida, curated by La Usurpadora: María Isabel Rueda y Mario LLanos, Colombia 2018

Julieta María's collective exhibition Strike a cord, curated by Tamara Toledo, Sur Gallery, Toronto, 2017 

Julieta María press release collective exhibition Dogma, co-curated by Juan Pablo Ordóñez and Gabriela Vázquez, Sala de Arte Contemporáneo de Cuenca, Ecuador, 2016 

Julieta María's collective exhibition True Patriot Love, curated by Tamara Toledo, Sur Gallery, Toronto, 2015

Julieta María collective exhibition États passagers, curated by Claudia Bernal, Festival LatinArte in collaboration with la Maison de la culture de Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension, 2011 

Julieta María's collective video and performance by Latin American Artists presented by, curated by Arlan Londoño, Hemispheric Institute Center, New York, 2011 

Julieta María's collective exhibition Awaiting your return, curated by Rodrigo Barreda, Latin American Canadian Art Projects, Toronto, 2008

Julieta María collective exhibition Idiomática, Latin American Canadian Art Projects, 2005


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Julieta María presentation Radiocleta Inter Access 30th Anniversary, 2014 

Published work by Julieta María

Julieta María publication collective project Error origen no encontrado, 2013

Published work about Julieta María

Julieta María review by Camila Salcedo, Living in Hope, Curatorial Incubator V.16, V-tape, Toronto, 2021

Julieta María article by Juana Awad, "On smuggling as strategy and the possibility of decolonizing the Curatorial," 2020 

Julieta María essay by Guillermina Buzio and Arlan Londoño, "Integración y resistencia Una mirada a las organizaciones y movimientos artísticos latinos en Canadá," Erudit, 2009

Press release

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List of Grants, Awards and Projects

Julieta María and Arlan Londoño co-curators collective screening Dystopia: On Art, and Technology, Outpost Artist Resources Organization, New York, 2012 

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