denirée isabel

low/new context, 2020

Video projection and found materials.

This multimedia installation creates a space where new and traditional media intertwine, weaving the old and the new, the forgotten and the honoured. The patterns in the mapping projection are inspired by the colours and shapes of Indigenous South American textiles.Carrying a legacy of pre-contact history, textiles in the Americas are holders of ancestral knowledge, isabel as a textile artist herself approaches the weaving practice as a means to enter in contact with this knowledge. In this room she has created an immersive environment that the audience can inhabit, where textile making – a complex art that has been disregarded due to its crafty aspects – is recontextualized, revalorized, updated and integrated with other media. The ethereal overlook of the installation speaks to the timelessness of practices and knowledges that are the foundation of many cultures, and to a risk of its disintegration when bodies are displaced and distanced from them.

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