María Hoyos is a Cali born Colombian artist currently based in Montreal since 2002. She studied video and explored moving images in Bogotá,Madrid, and Havana. Her interest shifted to installation art when she pursued studies in Art and Art Education at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) and completed her master's degree in creation in the same institution. Within her installation she explores the geopolitical history of sugar and the working conditions of its industry. Her master’s work has been exhibited in the Galeriede l’UQAM. She received the Prix d’Excellence Irène Senécal in 2022 in recognition of her commitment to teaching and pedagogical work. She recently joined the artist collective Intervals, co-founded by Maria Ezcurra,Dominique Fontaine, Romeo Gongora, and Miwa Kojima. Maria Hoyos is recipient of the Intersections 2023-2024 residency, awarded by the Conseil des arts de Montréal,the OPTICA contemporary art center and UQAM’s École des arts visuels et médiatiques de l’université de Québec á montréal.

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