Jesus Mora

Birthdate: 1971

Birthplace: Mexico 

Based location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

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Jesus Mora (born 1971, Mexico)

Jesus Mora is a Mexican visual artist based in Toronto. He holds a marketing degree (1991) from the UNITEC Mexican Technological University in MexicoCity. In 1996 he completed courses in drawing and painting at Casa de la Cultura de Chapultepec, Unidad Cuahutemoc in Mexico. He also studied illustration and cartooning with Mark Thurman in Toronto. In 2004 he completed a diploma in drawing and painting from the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Since 2009, Jesus has organized directed and created the community celebration and ceremony of the Day of the Dead at the Wychwood Barns Gallery in Toronto. Jesus was the 2011 recipient of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship. 

Jesus Mora’s studio work is with painting and drawing, and his research focuses on the culture of his Maya ancestors and their philosophy. Through his work, Jesus emphasizes balance and harmony to reflect on our current economic, environmental, and social instabilities. Jesus has been showcased in the solo exhibition Jesus Mora: Retrospective (2013) at the Artscape Wychwood Barn Gallery in Toronto. His work has also been part of the collective exhibitions Bringing Down Our Dead (2009) at A Space Gallery in Toronto and Narrative? (2006) at the Headbones Gallery in Toronto.

Michoacan 6 from the ongoing series Michoacan  

since 2016

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Solo exhibitions

Jesus Mora press release solo exhibition Jesus Mora: Retrospective, Artscape Wychwood Barn Gallery, Toronto, 2013

Collective exhibitions

Jesus Mora collective exhibition Bringing Down Our Dead, A Space Gallery, Toronto, 2009 

Jesus Mora catalogue collective exhibition Narrative?, Headbones Gallery, Toronto, 2006 

Jesus Mora press release collective exhibition Narrative?, Headbones Gallery, Toronto, 2006


Jesus Mora video interview by Lazarillo de Tormes, 2020


Jesus Mora video workshop Red Pepper Spectacle Art, 2020

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Jesus Mora press release by North York Art, Toronto, 2016

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Jesus Mora and Nahúm Flores Mask Making workshop, Latin American Canadian Art Projects 

Jesus Mora curatorial project Collective Remembrance: El Duelo, Art Work Toronto, 2021 

Jesus Mora cover design Vulture vol. 3 issue 2, 2014

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