The award recognizes an individual changemaker who champions voices from distinct social and political contexts and advocates to change policies and procedures that address social equity and anti-oppression. Recognizing Black, Indigenous and People of Colour arts leaders for their distinctive and outstanding contributions to BIPOC communities and to the public art gallery sector of Ontario.

"I want to dedicate this award to the next generation of BIPOC artists and curators, those who do not fear change in the face of impediment, those who build on the efforts of previous struggles in order to make this a more equitable place for all of us.

Although I have been burdened by my past of political oppression, coming from a dictatorship and arriving to this county as a refugee, it has given me the strength, lessons and tools to be able to construct new alternatives and innovative ways to change reality and build the person I am today.

Many fellow Latin American and Latinx colleagues have told me they continue to feel marginalized, excluded from artistic narratives. The arts community continues to ignore our contributions. We continue to be an under-served, under-funded and overall under-valued community in Canada. Despite our relevance in the arts globally, our diasporic artists continue to struggle for recognition and support. Although, this struggle is no where close to fighting against a dictatorship, it still requires the same strength, boldness, vision and support. Thank you for acknowledging this hard work, for valuing our demands and thank you to all of you who continue to fight even during such pressing and turbulent times."  - Tamara Toledo

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