Our programming consists of outreach networks thatinclude virtual and in-person activations of ARCHIVO, which allow for continuity,discoverability, and the ability to share the benefits of the digital archiveas a resource and tool for the community interested in Latin American visualartists, Indigenous artists from the Latin American region, Latin-Caribbeanartists, and those who identify as Latinx artists of the diaspora in Canada.   


ARCHIVO held a partner relationship with The Coop HENHangouts program led by HemisphericEncounters. The virtual gathering consistedof an artist talk by artists soJin Chun (Toronto) and Edrimael Delgado (PuertoRico). The hangout allowed both artists to share their interdisciplinaryexperiences while developing community-engaging projects with the Global Southand the Caribbean.


The ARCHIVO Researcher/Archivist led various workshops tospeak about how the archive can enhance student engagement with diasporic artand how this resource can facilitate student and scholarly research. Luz Sierrawas an invited guest speaker at York University’s graduate course seminar “Museumsand Galleries” as well as at OCAD University’s graduate studies course “Archiveand Memory” and its undergraduate “Latin American Art” course.  

Image courtesy of Sur Gallery, exhibition Declassified History: Archiving Latin America, 2019, curated by Tamara Toledo. 

Public Speakers

ARCHIVO’steam Tamara Toledo and Luz Sierra were part of the Latin America Media ArtSymposium, aluCINE Latin Film + Media Festivals, in the panel discussionEcologies: Spaces of Visibility with panelist Diana Sánchez and Laura Levinmoderated by Dot Tuer. During the presentation, ARCHIVO’s role was identifiedas an important and significant contribution.

Image courtesy of the Latin America Media Art Symposium, aluCINE Latin Film + Media Festivals 2023, photograph by Magda Arturo. 

(Sinara Rozo, Diana Sánchez, Luz Sierra, Tamara Toledo, Laura Levin, Dot Tuer and Nicole Cartier)

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