Diana Rosa (born 1971, Holguin,Cuba) 

Diana Rosa is a Cuban painter and curator born and raised in Holguin Cuba currently based in Brampton, Ontario. Diana has a bachelor of art in Art History from the Oriente University (1989- 1994) in the province of Santiago, Cuba. After graduating, her practice expanded to work as a curator for the Contemporary Art Centre in Holguin, Cuba (1994- 2000). In 2001 she moved to Canada, where she actively continued painting and independently taking courses on art history.

Diana’s studio work is with painting using a colourful palette and wide lines to delineate shapes on the canvas. Through a folk-art style, Diana reflects on human relationships and memories of her upbringing in the Cuban Caribbean landscape. Her work has been part of Toronto Art 2019 and 2023. In addition to being part of the collective exhibitions The Wild Things Show, Matilda Swanson Gallery & Art Barin Stratford Ontario and Overcoming Otherness (2023), curated by Tamara Toledo, at Sur Gallery, Toronto. 

Walking in the jungle 

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Acrylic on canvas 

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Solo exhibitions

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Collective exhibitions

Diana Rosa press release collective exhibition The Wild Things Show, Matilda Swanson Gallery & Art Bar, Stratford, Ontario, 2023

Diana Rosa collective exhibition Overcoming Otherness, curated by TamaraToledo, Sur Gallery, Toronto, 2023

Diana Rosa press release collective exhibition Overcoming Otherness, curated by Tamara Toledo, Sur Gallery, Toronto, 2023

Diana Rosa collective exhibition C11H17NO3, curated by Terrell Tilford, Band of Vices Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 2021

Published work by Diana Rosa

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Published work about Diana Rosa

Diana Rosa article by Alexa Wilkie, Caribeart, 2020

Press release

Diana Rosa press release by Ashley Goodfellow, Mississauga News, 2015

List of Grants, Awards and Projects

Diana Rosa Advisors/Judges profile at Next Gen Artist, 2021

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