Lorena Salomé (Argentina) 

Lorena Salomé is an Argentinian multidisciplinary artist, educator, and curator based in Toronto. Lorena has completed film and visual studies at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and completed courses in electrical engineering at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina. She holds a bachelor of fine arts specializing in new media from the Ontario College of Art and Design and is a candidate for graduation from the master of arts program in digital media from York University in Toronto. She has continued shaping her artistic practice by participating in artist residencies including the Traversal Residency program hosted by Public Visualization Lab and Trinity Square Video (2020). Lorena has received multiple grants including the 2011 Production grant from the Canada Council for the Arts and the 2008 Production grant in collaboration with Guillermina Buzio from the Canada Council.  

Lorena’s studio work focuses on sound, film, and installations to reflect different notions of memory and belonging by incorporating sounds, images, and objects into the composition. She has been part of multiple screenings including the 2020 Alucine Toronto Latin@ Media Festival in Toronto and the 2011 ENTZAUBERT DIY Queer Festival in Berlin, Germany. Her work has been showcased in various exhibitions including Disruptive Design (2020) at Gales Gallery at York University and in the collective exhibitions Tech Art Fair (2019) at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, and Life in Flight performance video collaboration with Guillermina Buzio (2019), curated by Tamara Toledo, at Sur Gallery in Toronto.

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Solo exhibitions

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Collective exhibitions

Lorena Salomé catalogue collective exhibition La Certeza del Error, curated by Jorge Zuzulich, Fundación Alonso y Luz Castillo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2020 

Lorena Salomé collective online screening 11 edición del Festival Santo Noise, Córdoba, Argentina, 2020 (online) (Spanish) 

Lorena Salomé programming collective online screening 11 edición del Festival Santo Noise, Córdoba, Argentina, 2020 (Spanish) 

Lorena Salomé collective exhibition Life in Flight performance video collaboration with Guillermina Buzio, curated by Tamara Toledo, Sur Gallery, Toronto, 2019  

Lorena Salomé collective screening programming Ráfagas CanadiensesPix Film Gallery, Toronto, 2015   

Lorena Salomé collective screening ENTZAUBERT DIY Queer Festival in Berlin, Germany, 2011 

Lorena Salomé collective screening Ráfagas Canadienses, curated by Guillermina Buzio, Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009 (Spanish)

Lorena Salomé collective exhibition Mapping a Practice of New Media Art, Inter Access, Toronto, 2008


Lorena Salomé podcast interview by Performing Mycelia, Nanotopia, 2021


Lorena Salomé programming Teaching Introductory Electronics Using Sound, Art Space, Toronto, 2020 

Lorena Salomé conversation with artists Alexandra Gelis and Jorge Lozano, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, 2020 

Lorena Salomé workshop Lets move it Motors, InterAccess, Toronto, 2019

Published work by Lorena Salomé

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Published work about Lorena Salomé

Lorena Salomé article by Noor Ale, The Objects We Carry, Peripheral View, 2020

Press release

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List of Grants, Awards and Projects

Lorena Salomé collaborative video project When I Worked at Controlled Data in 82’ with Rea McNamara

Lorena Salomé Scarborough Signs Art Project, Scarborough, Ontario, 2022 

Lorena Salomé curator of collective exhibition Subtle Technologies, Toronto Metropolitan University (previously known as Ryerson University), Toronto, 2012

Lorena Salomé curator of the collective exhibition Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto, 2010 

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