José Szlam Peintre

Birthdate: 1948

Birthplace: Argentina 

Based location: Montreal, Québec, Canada 

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José Szlam Peintre (born 1948, Argentina) 

José Szlam Peintre is a European-Latin American visual artist and writer based in Montreal, Quebec. José holds a diploma in visual art (1981) from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He continued his artistic formation in Chile while working in the artist studio of Oscar Bustamante in 1980 and Monica Leighton in 1982. In 2007, he studied wood printmaking at the Atelier circulaire in Montréal. José has published two short stories, in Journal d’artiste: ‘Parti c’est mourir … en cherchant la terre promise (2011) and in l’histoire d’Iosele Putzele (2019). 

José Szlam Peintre’s studio work uses painting and film to create and reflect the beauty in connection to his autobiographical experiences. His work has been showcased in the solo exhibition De Van Gogh a Szlam (1988) at Galería del Cerro in Santiago, Chile. José's work has been included in the collective exhibition Euroart'98, (1998), at the Salón Marqués de Comillas de las Drassanes de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain.

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Acrylic painting 

Image courtesy of the artist

Solo exhibitions

José Szlam solo exhibition De Van Gogh a Szlam, Galeria del Cerro, Santiago, Chile, 1988 

Collective exhibitions

José Szlam list of artist collective exhibition Euroart'98, Salón Marqués de Comillas de las Drassanes de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 1998


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Published work by José Szlam Peintre

José Szlam artist book "l’histoire d’Iosele Putzele," Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Quebec, 2019

José Szlam printed book "Partir es morir-- = Partir c'est mourir--," Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Quebec, 2011

Published work about José Szlam Peintre

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