Alejandro Tamayo

Birthdate: 1973

Birthplace: Medellín, Colombia 

Based location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada 

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Alejandro Tamayo (born 1973, Medellín, Colombia) 

Alejandro Tamayo is a Latin American interdisciplinary artist based in Windsor, Ontario. Alejandro has an extensive academic background, with a certificate in production engineering from Escuela de Administración, Finanzas e Instituto Tecnológico (EAFIT) Universidad de Colombia in Medellín, Colombia, a master’s degree in visual arts from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia, a PhD in visual arts from York University in Toronto, and a graduate certificate in digital technologies and design/art practice from Concordia University in Montreal. Alejandro is the executive director of the Arts Council Windsor Region in Windsor, Ontario. 

Alejandro Tamayo’s studio works are centred on a conceptual practice of creating site-specific installations, sculptures, and sound media to critically reflect on the use of ordinary objects and places within an exhibition space. Alejandro’s work has been showcased in the solo exhibitions ALBUM (2020) at centre[3] in Hamilton, Ontario, Division of Labour (2019) at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre in Hamilton, and The Distance from the Sun (2018) and Alejandro Tamayo (2015), both at Gales Gallery, York University.

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Installation with objects, digital photograph 

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Solo exhibitions

Alejandro Tamayo solo exhibition Album, centre[3], Hamilton, Ontario, 2020  

Alejandro Tamayo article by Nisha Gill, solo exhibition Album, centre[3], Hamilton, Ontario, The Silhouette, 2020

Alejandro Tamayo solo exhibition Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, 2015 

Collective exhibitions

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Alejandro Tamayo interview by Régine Debatty, We make money not art, 2007 

Alejandro Tamayo interview by Seth Thompson, Classic Rhizome, 2007


Alejandro Tamayo online video TED Talk Madrid, 2013

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 Alejandro Tamayo profile Academia 

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