Jorge Ayala-Isaza  

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Birthplace:  Latin America

Based location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

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Jorge Ayala-Isaza (Latin America) 

Jorge Ayala-Isaza is a Latin American media-based artist based in Toronto. Jorge holds a master’s degree in documentary media from Toronto Metropolitan University (2017) and a bachelor’s degree in new media from the same institution (2011). Jorge has completed other educational programming including an audiovisual media diploma from Stuttgart Media University in Germany and also interned at the Cinematheque of Cuba in Havana. In 2021, Jorge enrolled in the media and design innovation doctoral program at Toronto Metropolitan University. Jorge’s work experience has been as a freelance media specialist for cultural institutions such as The Image Centre, Oakville Galleries, and Tangled + Art Disability. Jorge has also worked as a research and teaching assistant since 2008 at Toronto Metropolitan University. Jorge has received awards and scholarships including the Skills and Career Development Award in 2020 from the Ontario Arts Council. 

Jorge Ayala’s studio work is focused on researching archival documentary media and audio material to create multimedia installations and projections to recontextualize them in a contemporary curatorial platform. Jorge’s work has been part of the La Bande Video screening in Quebec City, the Havana Film Festival, and the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival. His work has been showcased in the solo exhibition At Its Own Rhythm (2018) at the Image Centre Student Gallery.

A su propio ritmo  (At its own rhythm) 


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Image from Google Images 2023

Solo exhibitions

Jorge Ayala-Isaza solo exhibition A Su Propio Ritmo At Its Own Rhythm, The Image Centre, Toronto, 2018

Collective exhibitions

Jorge Ayala-Isaza collective exhibition Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, 2021 

Jorge Ayala-Isaza screening A Su Propio Ritmo At Its Own Rhythm, Havana Film Festival, 2018 


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Jorge Ayala-Isaza presentation Latin American Media Art Symposium, panel Archival Visitations, aluCine Latin Film + Media Festival, Toronto, 2023

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