The Case of Gran Colombia Gold - CrudeGold, 2014

Digital video

10:18 minutes,loop

Courtesy of the Artist

Through the testimonies of local miners, Gutierrez’ The Case of Gran Colombia Gold- Crude Gold documents the story of the Frontino Gold Mine in Segovia,Colombia, and the competing claims for its ownership between the miner’s union and the Toronto-based company Gran Colombia Gold. Despite legal action and protests, the miners lost their ownership claim: many of them and their families were threatened, forced into exile, or killed by violent paramilitary groups to protect the economic interests of local governments and the multinational corporations working in the region. The rise of foreign investment in Colombia’s mining industries mirrors a repeating history of extractivism between the present day and the era of the Spanish colonization ofLatin America.

360 Installation View

Photo Credit Mirna Chacín

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