Aline Setton

Toronto: BOOM, 2020

Acrylic painting on wall and on plexiglass, ink, and graphite on mylar and construction debris.

Through this installation Setton transforms space into a place, moving from the abstract to the embodied experience of inhabiting a specific place. Employing architectural components of Toronto’s local cityscape, the mural and the sculpture break the flat representation of architectural urban imagery, layering fragment of building sand switching the perspective of windows, walls and facades. As a newcomer, Setton looks at the city with fresh eyes while learning and researching about the Canada’s problematic history on this land, analyzing the implicit settler colonialism dynamic that took and takes place in the management of city planning. Focusing on the area where Sur Gallery is located (Tkaronto/Toronto’s Harbourfront), she composed a site-specific installation that captures the fractures between nature, land, and city development. This work also explores the relationships people develop with a place when moving within its spaces and histories along time. 


Installation Images

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