Image courtesy of the artist.

Michelle Peraza

White Sister, brown sister, 2019- 2020

Oil on panel


In these two portraits the artist’s sisters peer at each other in unspoken tension. What might look like a slight skin tone difference between them, becomes a dialogue about colorism with in one’s own family entourage. Along with her practice Peraza has focused on portraiture, a classic painting genre she finds lacking of brown bodies representation. Her approach is personal, choosing to depict family members, she is able to highlight their facial features by exploring skin colour, its variations and subtleties. In this sense, her portraits address wider issues of race within Latin American communities and other racialized groups. Peraza’s meticulous brush technique in contrast to her pencil sketch lines (drawing measurements) distinguishes her style. A balanced interplay between precision and the “unfinished”. The insertion of brown bodies and the subtle playfulness of her technique is what renders Peraza’s work a means to decolonize and disrupt the classical portrait.

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